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Key management system


Key management system KeyTORUS is quite a simple, convenient and modern solution allowing significant improvement of the overall security level and addressing  simple routine issues referred to below without large-scale and expensive changes in existing intrusion alarm and access control systems:

  • automation of a process of issuance / return of keys at the enterprise, as well as monitoring and management of all installed security systems from a single operations control centre;

  • control over who and when took, or handed a particular key to particular premises, access rights differentiation;

  • organization of access of personnel to the premises in accordance with the established work schedule / vacation schedule / staff list;

  • automatic activation / deactivation of security mode for the premises;

  • time tracking of employees;

  • report generation, etc.

Main technical characteristics of the system:

  • total number of keys registered in the system - 2 000 keys;

  • total database capacity of employees in the system - 100 000 employees;

  • total number of modules (cabinets) that are combined into a single system - 21 modules;

  • maximum capacity of one module (cabinet) - 100 keys;

  • work over an enterprise Ethernet network;

  • the possibility of the development of the geographically distributed system with management and on-line monitoring from one place;

  • export / import of employee database;

  • schedule database backup;

  • graphical display of the state of the system with reference to the floor / building plan;

  • operating time of the system module on internal batteries in the event of an external power failure – up to 24 hours;

  • simple choosing the language of interface you need.

Access to the menu of key storage system is given using large touch screen, it allows not only to manage the system simply and easy, but also to get relevant information quickly enough. For example, information about who and when took the key or in which key case on the site is the given key. Two reader units (take / return) with different formats (Em-Marine, Mifare, HID – at the request of the customer) integrated into the display case, fingerprints scanner can also be integrated there.

The system makes it possible to get access to keys without entering any additional information but using only a card or a fingerprint.

It is possible to form and print reports of different types using free supplied software.

The system has modular design principle. It is possible to develop a system of any capacity, starting from 10 keys, or to extend previously installed system to several hundred keys.

It is possible to make system in light or black color with solid metallic, transparent polycarbonate door or without a door. The control panel can be fixed either in the lower part of the case or on the right side.

Keys shall be attached to smart key fobs with built-in chip with unique identifier and 3 mm stainless steel shackle.

Data from the built-in chip is used to verify and identify the key every time it is necessary to extract the key from the store or return it.  Access to the key is possible only for authorized users whose rights are assigned individually. Keys are issued sequentially one after another, and the procedure for issuing is greatly simplified due to the LED illumination of a particular cell. It is possible to return the key using any free cell, the system itself automatically understands in which cell each particular key is located.

It is possible to use cases for storage of keys in order to increase security. In this case, keys are also attached to smart key fobs with unique chip and then the key with the key fob is inserted into the case, which can be sealed in the standard way.

It is possible to fully automate the process of activation / deactivation of security mode for the premises when returning / issuing a key at the interaction with intrusion alarm system. The corresponding confirmation can be displayed directly on the system display.

Key management system KeyTORUS in its boxed version can be supplied as а set with specially designed and optimized for joint operation universal controllers of intrusion alarm system and access control system, each of which is composed of:

  • number of  Wiegand interfaces – 8 pcs;

  • number of  inputs for intrusion detection sensors – 32 pcs;

  • number of lock relays – 8 pcs;

  • nonvolatile memory capacity – up to 200 000 access cards / events;

  • total number of universal controllers of intrusion alarm system and access control system united into a single system at the enterprise–1000 pcs.

In this case, the customer receives one complete system consisting of three interacting subsystems with a common set of commands and logic managed from a single control center.

High quality of the product and its exceptional characteristics are confirmed by 5-year warranty and positive feedback from key customers.

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